Skyline Memory Vanish In The Air


Beatriz RUIBAL

Spain | 2015 | 23’25’’


This is a visual document that addresses the concepts of the city, modernity, urban planning and memory from a poetic perspective. Skyscrapers are portrayed as immense receptacles of memories, symbols of the power of cities: figuratively stepping inside these buildings, imagining the different forms of human existence, speculating on the virtues and miseries concealed in the privacy of each home. The piece is articulated by narratives based on personal experiences, autobiographical details, real facts and cultural and social events, questioning and fictionalising time and life itself in the neverending process of construction and collapse.



Screenplay: Ana Merino, Antonia Castaño, Beatriz Ruibal, Andrés Fisher, Javier Azpeitia

Cinematography: Beatriz Ruibal

Editing: Beatriz Ruibal & Jorge Calvo Chelsea 22

Sound Design: Beatriz Ruibal & Telson

Producer: Beatriz Ruibal


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