Sand Mother



Spain | 2014 | 13’25’’


Deisy wants to be a mother but she has doubts. However, life opens a way and in her womb a baby grows and looks? at her as no one else has before?. One day, the baby is born and she greets him singing. Sand. Earth. Life and all the women of the world?


Screenplay: Didi Rodan, Nidia Moro, Maria Paz,  Ruiz Gil

Cinematography: Didi Rodan

Editing: Eduardo Fernández Ortiz Sound Design: Elías José, García Sánchez, David Badía Rambra

Music: Jezabel Martínez, Maye Azcuy

Animation: Didi Rodan

Main Cast: Jezabel Martínez, Maye Azcuy

Producer: Didi Rodan


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