Opening Speech - Docutiff2015
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The festival is like each living creature that is born from love, that is grown up in love.

As every creature that has its own stutters until reaches to sing alone on the stage.

As every child that hardly stain his name until reaches to write his story.

As every pupil that learns more from his own mistakes than from the pedant teachers.

As every  rebel  that  breaks  the  rules  set  to  create  new ones.

As every  painter  that  distinguish  more  easily  nuances than contrasts.

As every guy that doesn’t fear the danger to be noticed from his lover.

As every man that protects with bigotry his own choices and with them he wants to reproduce continously.

Aſter dozen years of First Film Festival in Albania, aſter wide international connosence of 107 countries from all over the world, aſter a great number of applied films last year as 5,400 of them, naturally without strain and pain we decided to be reproduced and to create new forms of vivid festivals; new races not so formal as TIFF, but based in the filmic categories that we have promoted from the beginning.

As  every  enamoured  that  can’t  stop  gazing  her  photo, it wasn’t enough for us one week per year to propose our  difficult  choices  from  a  big  number  of  qualitative proposals that only for reasons of space and projection we couldn’t  offer to the public audience.

Dedication to derivative editions of TIFF,  based in classic categories of film, was a strong temptation that today I’m very happy that is done.

Documentary choice, as first focused category, compared with  fiction,  animation  or  experimental  film,  was  not casual in a country as ours, where its own true stories are  more  shocking,  more  emotional  than  those  fiction created.

Stories that were written better from the foreigners than ourselves.

True stories that we must be used to tell them ourselves as we have known to write so beautifully  during years and years.

DocuTIFF’s birth is a new story in audio-visual life and I hope to be as it is now, fresh and original like the stories that will be presented to you during these 5 days.

It will be for the first time the possibility of screening and competition in the category of middle length.

The appreciation of jury of chosen films from region is a new concept as geographical one, not political as have been before.

The  Festival  as  any  living  creature  being  motivated  by curiosity and discovery of various other different beings that lakes in the world and this discovery will share with you amicably.

Wishing  welcome  to  the  first  edition  of  the  Festival,  I wish to DocuTIFF successfully long life!


Agron Domi

Festival Director


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