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Caveh Zahedi was born in 1960 in Washington D.C. Zahedi is the director of the American independent features A LITTLE STIFF and I DON'T HATE LAS VEGAS ANYMORE . Zahedi appears in all of his own films, and has also acted in other directors' films. He is familiar to film fans as "Peter" in CITIZEN RUTH, and as "Caveh" in the 2000 Sundance Film Festival hit romantic comedy A SIGN FROM GOD, (which he also co-wrote and edited).

Synopses of I am a sex addict
Winner of the Gotham Award for “Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You,” I AM A SEX ADDICT is the transgressive new comedy from autobiographical filmmaker Caveh Zahedi On the eve of his third marriage, Caveh tells the story of how his attraction to prostitutes and his compulsive honesty combined to destroy each of his past relationships. The genre-bending mix of camera address, re-enactment, and home movie footage make for a strikingly funny and original film.

A sign from god
Greg Watkins' romantic black comedy A Sign from God depicts a semi-fictionalized day in the life of independent filmmaker Caveh Zahedi and his girlfriend Laura as they struggle with a series of challenges and accidents while desperately seeking a sign from God about the future of their troubled relationship. Laura's increasingly pessimistic attitude - she perceives that the cascading negative events of their lives portend a negative "sign" about the relationship - is offset by Caveh's serene and abiding faith that everything happens for a reason...

"By turns sweet, quirky, comical, and exhausting, A Sign from God stretches the tired conventions of the romantic comedy like few films I've seen."

Merle Bertrand, FILM THREAT

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