Dancing with Maria

Director:  Ivan Gergolet

Englisht title:  Dancing with Maria

2014/ Italy& Argentina& Slovenia/ HD/ 75’/ B&W


Dancing with MARIA tells the story and the work of Maria Fux trough the relationships she develops with her students. The film is focused on the following  question: is it possible to change limits in opportunities? To answer it we follow Maria's work in the studio and we tell how dance changes her students' life.

Script:  Ivan Gergolet; Photography: Ivan Gergolet, David Rubio;Editing: Natalie Cristiani; Sound: Havir Gergolet, Francesco Morosino; Music: Luca Ciut; Producer: Igor Princic


Ivan Gergolet was born in Italy in 1977 and graduated in cinema in the the Bologna University. Since 2001 he wrote and directed awarded short films, documentaries, industrial videos and worked as assistant director and production assistant in several projects.



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