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The American award winning director in Tribeca Film Festival 2007 for her documentary ” Jack Smiths” and the destruction of Atlantis” Mary Jordan will be present for the Albanian Audience during the days of the festival in Tirana. Highly intelligent and well researched, this film by Mary Jordan  is the definitive film on Jack Smith. The editing of Jack's art and the art of the film is so well integrated that you not only see the many mediums of Smith but you get a psychological examination of one of the most unknown influences of the 20th century. The 93 minute movie rarely slows down as we see a young mind overflowing with angst and creativity, followed by his influencing of Warhol and later greats like Perry Ferrell and Richard James. Ithe critics  found this in the same special club of great movies like "Crumb" and "Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse." A definite must-see for those unaware of Jack Smith's world or well versed in his art.

Since she is from the Albanian origin from both her parents her wish is to introduce her film for the Albanian public.

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