Luela Myftari
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Born in January, 20th, 1989. Born in Tirana, Albania. She is known as a journalist, but she studied Literature. The author of more than 1000 articles on social issues, human rights and cultural developments in Albania, Luela Myftari has a Masters degree in Comparison Literature from University of Tirana and has accomplished several trainings for Journalism in England, Macedonia, Turkey and Kosovo. As a child Luela loved being an actress so she attended acting courses when she was 6 years old till she became 16. At British Council Albania, she found her first job. Luela was only 17, when she became a translator. Then she began to write at “Kult” magazine, and after a year she went to “Shekulli” newspaper. After 4 years working in the best newspaper in Albania, it was time to move into television world. Actually Luela works as a journalist at Vizion Plus TV. This is the second acquirement in television, after being the senior journalist in a emission in Albanian Screen TV. Televizion was the last she wanted to prove to herself that she and everyone can be a journalist even if the studies doesn’t speak about journalism. Because all we need to realize something beautiful is passion.


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