Working day

Director: Mavroeidis Zacharias& Vangelis Karamarigos

Englisht title:  Working day

Original title: Kathimerini ergasimi

2013/ Greece/ Digital Beta/ 10’/ Fiction/ Color


Kostas owes a lot of money.Desperate to find a solution to his debt,he decides to surprise rob his best friend Vasilis,who transfers the banks daily earnings to the depository.During the ambush,in order to protect his friend,Vasilis refuses to give him the money.The two friends confront each other and Kostas ends up shooting Vasilis.Kostas flees with the money,but soon returns to rescue his wounded friend.In the car,he realizes he has made a wrong decision,once again.



VangelisKaramarigos: He has studied Business Planning and Informational Systems at  Patra’s Technological Institute and then Film and TV studies at New York College in Athens. He has directed 3 short films and 1 short documentary for Green Design Festival 2010.He has worked as: Casting Director in “The Guide” (90’) by Zacharias Mavroeidis; Production Manager in “The Cake” (10’) by ElianaAbravanel, Additionally, he has worked as an assistant director in several short films and as camera operator in the play “The play is played without intermission” by NataliaKatsou. He has participated in Microfilm Script Seminars.


Zacharias Mavroeidis: Born in 1980 in Athens, Greece. He studied Architecture in Aristoteles University and theater in the Royal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid (RESAD), Spain. From 2005 to 2007 he studied Film in New York College in Athens. He participated in the 5th edition of the Berlinale Talent Campus and in the 2nd edition of the Sarajevo Talent Campus. He attended scriptwriting seminars in the International School of Film and TV (EICTV) in Cuba and in Red House in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is currently a Phd student at the Aristoteles University on the subject of queer cinema and the cities. He has worked as a director and scriptwriter for film, theater and tv. His last short film, Pink River was a production of the Sarajevo Film Festival, part of the project “Sarajevo City of Film”. The film screened in various international film festivals, winning the best short award in Skeive film festival in Oslo. With the support of WESAW open lab he directed and produced his first feature film The guide. The film has screened in festivals in Thessaloniki, Toronto, Montreal and Chicago and was distributed in Greece on winter 2011. On 2011 he directed a documentary about the Syrian community in Athens. He is currently developing the script for his next feature film while in preproduction of the short film “Weekday”.


Script:   Zacharias Mavroeidis, Vangelis Karamarigos; Photography:  Yorgos Karvelas; Editing: Nikos Vavouris; Sound:  Iraklis Vlachakis, Nikos Triantaryllar; Leading actors: Dimitris Zanthopoulos, Yiannis Roussakis; Producer: Vicky Miha


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