The dinner

Director: Suela Bako

Englisht title:  The dinner

Original title: Darka

2013/ Albania/ HD/ 15’/ Fiction/ Color


Diana is 16yrs old and she lives with her younger sister and their father. Their mother died a few years ago...One day their father invited for dinner at their house his brother and his wife accompanied by a young women...



My name is Suela Bako. I was born, in 10/12/1976, in Tirana, Albania. I completed full acting studies, 1999, at the Academy of Arts in Tirana. I played as an actress in many short and feature films, and theatre. I worked as a tv director from 2002-2013. I'm married, from 2003. I've 2 children. I've just completed the Studies in Master Deggre on film & Tv directing, at the University of Arts in Tirana. FILMOGRAPHY writter & Director 2012 Sea – Short feature, script & directing by Suela Bako 2013 The director - Short fiction, script & directing by Suela Bako 2014 Dinner - short film, Award winner Best film, in Gjakova Film Festival.


Script:   Suela Bako; Photography:  Shpetim Baca; Editing: Adrian Guri; Music: Andi Kongo; Sound:  Adrian Guri; Leading actors: Erjeta Cufaj, Romir Zalla, Eri Shuka; Producer: Romir Zalla



Partecipated in Gjakova Film Fest, Skepto International Film Festival, Sardegna, Italy, Tiff ODA, Deafilmfest, Albania, Dokufest, Prizren Kosove Best Film Award, in GJFF, 2014 Erjeta Cufaj - Best supporting role award, GJFF, 2014 Suela Bako - DEA award as an encouragament, for a promissing start to a successful film career, Dea Film Fest 2014


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