Two Boys and a Sheep

Director: Lee Hyung-suk

Englisht title:  Two Boys and a Sheep

Original title:  So-nyeon-gwa Yang

2013/ South Korea/ 35mm/ 18’/ Fiction/ Color



Two boys, a man and a woman. Two different loves and one sheep.



Born in Seoul, South Korea. He is currently studying at Graduate School of Communication and Arts Yonsei University. His first short film, Templementary (2001) was screened for the Wide Angle section in the 6th Pusan International Film Festival. Chapter 2 ; How To Breathe (2002) won Best Short Film Award at Pusan International Film Festival. Under Construction (2005) won Best Asian Short Film Award at Bangkok International Film Festival. Western Movie (2010) was screened for the Dragons & Tigers series in Vancouver International Film Festival.


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