Substitute teacher

Director: Shiry Price

Englisht title:  Substitute teacher

Original title: Mora machlifa

2012/ Israel/ HD/ 17’/ Fiction/ Color


Ariela, a 34 year old introvert teacher, is pregnant from a man who is no longer part of her life. Entering a new high school class as a substitute teacher she meets David, a 15 years old student. A tender connection develops between the two and makes Ariela wonder if she has what it takes to become a mother after all.



I was born in 1981 in Israel. I graduated film studies from "Minshar Art School" in Tel Aviv with citations for excellence in my second and third years. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree with honors from the Open University and a teacher's certificate from Kibbutzim College. Since 2012 my short movie "Substitute Teacher" participated in many film festival's in Israel and around the world. Presently I teach cinema at the Art School in Tel Aviv, and continuing the development the short documentary movie "Elisheva and Ruthi" and a writing a feature script based on the short movie "Substitute teacher". Filmography 2009, Barn Owl, 12 min. 2010, Home, 10 min.


Script:   Shiry Price; Photography:  Einav Giat Goodman; Editing: Guy Nemesh; Music: Nir Popliker; Sound:  Ronen Nagel; Leading actors: Liron Ben Shlush Sahar Pilo; Producer: Yuval Granot


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