One of them

Director: Ilirjan Himaj

Englisht title:  One of them

Original title: Njëri nga ata

2013/ Kosova/ HD/ 30’/ Fiction/ Color


Destiny in a postman's bag The postman is about to start the most important mission of his life. After reaching to an unusual dwelling, he searches for the four fingered person to deliver an errand. His fate and the past of other inhabitants lie in his bag.



Born in 03. 03. 1985. Birthplace, Gjakova. Elementary and gymnasium in Junik. Studied in Faculty of art department of painting, bachelor and master. In the same institution he has studies bachelor and master of Film Directing. Now he is working very successful as writer, director and producer of film in Kosovo. Ana tjeter 5 min i fundit 10 min Shalli 15 min Pasqyra 1min Matanë lumit 22 min In memoriam 27 min Pastruesi 1 min Mulliri 29 min Stone castle (doc.) 30 min Rasti x 1min Njëri nga ata 30 min Marihuana republic 6.49 min (48 hfp 2014 Tirana)


Script:   Ilirjan Himaj; Photography:  Latif Hasolli; Editing: Latif Hasolli; Animation: Arian Rogova; Music: Trimor Dhomi; Sound:  Ardian Lokaj; Leading actors: Shkëlqim Islami, Doresa Rexha, Agron Shala, Agron Krasniqi, Kastriot Saqipi, Selatin Ademi, Arben Bajgora; Producer: Ilirjan Himaj


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