Home & Key

Director: Shwan Attoof

Englisht title:  Home & Key

Original title: Mal U Kelil

2013/ Iraq/ HD/ 14’/ Fiction/ Color


The story of this Film is an aesthetic narration of the death of a Kurdish Family, along the 20th century.



Theatric actor: 18 play as an actor main role and director, as: The Death of a Chair; Marasad  Promisious Sons ; The Portrait of a Youg man ; TV Drama ; A new Season;  Gardalool (30 episodes)


Script:  Shwan Attoof ; Photography:  Amjad Mohammad; Editing: Rekawt Mohammad; Sound:  Barzan Shakar; Leading actors: Hamarashid Haras Jwan Saleh; Producer: Shwan Attoof


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