Director: Alexis Michalik

Englisht title:  Grounded

Original title: Au sol

2013/ France/ HD/ 19’/ Fiction/ Color


Evelyne needs to travel to London for her mother\'s funeral. But at the airport, she can\'t produce her newborn baby\'s ID. So she is not allowed to board her plane. But with the help of Stephanie, a young ground hostess, Evelyne will fight the unbending rules of airport regulations, and perhaps, take off on time.



Alexis Michalik began his career as a stage actor, supervised by Irina Brook he performed Romeo in Shakespeare's play. He also worked for television and played in Petits meurtres en famille, Terre de lumitre or Kaboul Kitchen. In cinema, he acted with Billy Zane, Diane Kurys, Safy Nebou, Yann Samuel, Fernando Colomo, Daniטle Thompson, Alexandre Arcady. In theater he attracted attention with comedies such as Le Dindon directed by Thomas le Douarec or more serious plays such as Les fleurs Gelיes by Ibsen and Strindberg With the troupe Los Figaros, Alexis Michalik staged and made some crazy adaptations such as La migore א peu prטs apprivoisיe or R&J freely inspired by William Shakespeare.


Script:  Laurence Nicoli;  Photography:  Christophe Legal; Editing: Gaël Cabouat; Music: Etienne Gauthier; Sound:  Loic Deshoux; Leading actors: Stëphanie Caillol ; Evelyne El Garby Klai ; Anne Loiret ; Cyril Guei; Producer: Gaël Cabouat


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