Child K

Director: Roberto De Feo, Vito Palumbo

Englisht title:  Child K

Original title: Child K

2013/ Italy/ HD/ 22’/ Fiction/ Color


Based on a true story. POMSSEN. SAXONY, 1937. Richard and Lina Kretschkopf are a young peasant couple who live in a small house in the country, in the middle of the German hills. Richard's desire to have a child has grown to the point to become an obsession. An obsession who changed the German history.



ROBERTO DE FEO (director and screenwriter) Born in Bari on August 8, 1981, he studied at the Scuola d'arte cinematografica di Genova. In 2002, he won PUGLIA EXPERIENCE, a European workshop of writing, directing and producing held by instructors as Gabriele Salvatores, Sergio Rubini, Domenico Procacci, Tilde Corsi, Carlo Degli Esposti, Edoardo Winspeare, Alessandro Piva. VITO PALUMBO was born in Agropoli (SA) on July 4, 1974. After graduating as a chartered accountant he moves to Rome where he begins his artistic experience as an actor, graduating at the Accademia d'arte drammatica "P. Scharoff", and later he will approach directing and editing.


Script:   Vito Palumbo, Roberto De Feo; Photography:  Federico Annichiarico; Editing: Vito Palumbo; Animation: Seagull PostMusic: Rosario Di Bella; Sound:  Renato Minichelli; Leading actors: Lorenzo Patanט, Carlotta Verny, Ralph Phalka; Producer: Colorado Film


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