A Small Time/Space Discontinuum

Director: Goce Cvetanovski

Englisht title:  A Small Time/Space Discontinuum

Original title: Mal diskontinuitet vo vremeprostorot

2013/ Macedonia/ HD/ 14’/ Fiction/ Color


Today is a special day. Alex has a photo session scheduled with Maria, the girl he loves. But an invisible man enters in his apartment and makes him nervous, thinking he has lost his mind. Alex can't stop thinking about it, and his relationship with Maria gets more tense. Who is the invisible man, and will Alex be able to win back Maria\'s affection?



Goce Cvetanovski is one of the emerging authors of the new wave of Macedonian film directors. He studied cinema in France. His production studio "Makedonska Krepost" was founded in Macedonia in 2002. He has directed a number of short films (screened on over 50 film festivals in the world), documentary films, music videos and TV commercials. He also gives a creative workshop at the film academy ESRA Skopje and writes for the comic book industry. Short films: The man who wasn't there, The man who wouldn't die, A small time-space discontinuum, Hansel and Gretel: the true story, The Veil of Fortune, Too much TV can seriously damage your health, etc


Script:   Goce Cvetanovski; Photography:  Zharko Ivanov; Editing: Goce Cvetanovski; Animation: Jordan Kamberski, Vladimir Toshevski; Music: Milan SImovski, Kiril Spasenovski, Risto Novevski; Sound:  Milan Simovski; Leading actors: Visar Vishka, Dragana Levenska; Producer: Bogdan Joncevski


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