The other penalty

Director:   Sfaxi Djamila

Englisht title: The other penalty

Original title: L'autre peine

2013/ France/ Dvcam/ 13’/ Documentary/ Colour


We rarely acknowledge the situation of relatives of detainees. The steps they have to take for their first visit in a detention center. It is a real battle. What we must understand is that when we incarcerate a man or woman, we also imprison that individual's family. I had this experience over 25 years ago when I went with my mother to visit my younger brother at the detention center of Meaux. I was then 19 years old and he was only a minor.



A MA MERE (2004) Documentary 20 min ELIANE (2012) Documentary 16 min


Script: Sfaxi Djamila; Editing: Sfaxi Djamila,Ariane Mellet; Sound:  Sivine Arslan; Leading actors:  Sfaxi Djamila; Producer:  Sfaxi Djamila


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