Scars of cambodia

Director:  Alexandre Liebert

Englisht title: Scars of cambodia

Original title: Scars of cambodia

2013/ France/ HD/ 30’/ Documentary/ Colour


5 am in a small fish market in Cambodia. Tut is 50 years old. Amongst daily life scenes, Tut will show us, no, will be miming, the tortures he underwent.



Alexandre Liebert's first film was shot in Super8, VINGT DONT QUATRE BIS. Self-educated in cinema, he explores all techniques, special effects, animated films... He writes, shoots, directs, edits, and does everything from A to Z. First attracted by fiction, he directs a first short CHIMERE, then AE [EUDANL'AH]. In 2012, he travels to Cambodia with the French photographer Emilie Arfeuil to direct his first documentary, SCARS OF CAMBODIA, the portrait of a Cambodian fisherman who was imprisoned and tortured by the Khmer Rouge regime.


Script: Emilie Arfeuil, Alexandre Liebert; Producer:  Guy Ratovofrahona



Best Photography Award (Nikon), Best Original Film Score (SACEM) - France, Clermont-Ferrand 2014


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