Fossil memory

Director:  Diego Scarponi

Englisht title: Fossil memory

Original title: Memoria fossile

2013/ Italy/ HD/ 15’/ Documentary/ Colour- B&W


We are facing a past civilization, now extinct. What remains of this civilization, who lived on iron and fire, is a city, or rather what here remains. To find evidence of its existence, we have only the tracks that this civilization has left behind. Pictures, testimonials, sounds that are - inevitably - stratified elements of a world that has disappeared.



Diego Scarponi, 37, began to work with the video at the end of the last millennium. Fundamental experience of telestreet and of media in general, through the activities of Telefermento. Working at University of Genoa, carries out various projects related to audiovisual laboratory Buster Keaton in the University of Genoa, without losing sight of other scenarios and horizons. Among his latest productions: Working Class Heroes (2010), Vitosemprevivo (2011), The Iron Age (2013), The Voyage of the Stolen River (2013).


Script: Diego Scarponi, Grazia Stella, Sandro Bozzolo; Photography:  Sandro Bozzolo, Alessandro Ingaria; Editing: Silvia Caracciolo; Music:   Piero Ponzo; Sound:  Jan Maio; Leading actors:  Andrea Pierdicca, Gianni Briano , 'Mr. Puma; 'Producer: Alessandro Ingaria;


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