10 Observations

Director: Paul Druce

Englisht title: Butterflies - 10 Observations

Original title: Butterflies - 10 Observations

2013/ Germany/ HD/ 17’/ Documentary/ Colour


A short film about butterflies, life and death - with a human perspective.



A film producer and director who brings the sense of the journey and closeness to all of his work. In 2012, Paul founded the independent film and documentary production company, MF Migrant Film UG. He returned to Nepal in January of 2012, to produce the feature-length documentary, Nepal - Beyond the Lost Horizon. Currently in Berlin, Paul continues upon the journey - both in film and life. To date he has produced 4 feature length films, Beyond the Lost Horizon, Hillbilly Berlin, Athens Drift, The Lost Camera and the short film, Butterflies - 10 Observations


Photography:   Paul Druce; Editing:  Paul Druce ; Producer:  Paul Druce


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