Night light

Director: Choukrallah Noha

Englisht title: Night light

Original title: Night light

2013/ Belgium/ HD/ 13’/ Experimental/ Colour


Barricated in a ruined building, two teenagers are hiding: they are waiting for the enemy. Through thier memories, the movie explores the themes of love, childhood and violence.



Actor and Director. Shared aspirations between the love of the stage and the realization, she does not hesitate after graduating from the Conservatory of Brussels, to continue his studies at the University of Quebec in Montreal. She will push the corner of his theatrical practice through the medium short. Along with the completion of his final poetic film she made last summer his first steps on stage in the ideal Husband Oscar Wilde, staged Fabrice Gardin. She played the role of Mabel, with characteristics similar to his temperament independent and making a religion to deflect prejudice.


Script: Noha Choukrallah; Photography: Robin Montrau;  Music: Sabrina Duval; Sound: Sabrina Duval; Leading actors: Ernst Umhauer, Mathilde Warnier; Producer: Noha Choukrallah


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