Director: Norika Sefa

Englisht title:  Ingredients

Original title: Perberesit

2013/ Kosova/ HD/ 8’/ Experimental/ Colour


We see people eating, drinking, walking the streets or driving. Their lives seem to be normal, but they are not. No matter how old you are, some things will always remain absurd. Questions, doubts and thoughts will grow with us. Anna needs to make a decision but in the meanwhile the easiest thing to do is drink milk and eat strawberry.



I was born as many others but don't believe one is born only once! Yeah, I do analyze that's why I like telling stories. I found that humans are born princes and the civilizing process turn them into the frogs. So, there is always something to tell!I studied dramaturgy and scriptwriting in Kosova. I continued with directing in Denmark. There I gained a lot through my experiences as a scriptwriter , director , cinematographer and as a producer.I wrote and directed my own movies, I have been writing for the others too. I have been working as a producer at the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network. I write film-critics for a magazine in Kosova and also work as a coordinator in two film festivals. For the moment I am finishing my masters on scriptwriting/directing at FAMU.


Script:   Norika Sefa; Photography:  Niko Alajoki; Editing: Karoliina Gröndahl; Sound:  Miloš Đurić and Jean-Philippe de Tinguy; Leading actors: Eeva Alvarado; Producer: Euphoria Borealis Ry, Karoliina Gröndahl


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