Director: Alex Pachón

Englisht title: Cracks

Original title: Cracks

2013/ Spain/ HD/ 4’/ Experimental/ B&W


Every sound generates a movement and every movement produces a sound. I ́m interested in exploring a way to project this concept with an elegant and subtle style. A man dances to the sounds of his own joints cracking and popping. Dancing with the music produced by dance and,with a certain sarcasm, the source of the relationship between dance and music. The piece poses an action where the rhythm depends completely on the human body's expressions and vice versa.



Alex Pachón (Badajoz, 1981). I combine personal projects as a director with freelance work as digital artist in motion graphics and visual effects for films and broadcast. I´m always looking to expand myself in terms of knowledge and creative experiences. I´ve lived/worked in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and UK. I feel confortable using the absurd and surreal to build unsettlings atmospheres together with the hypnotic power of moving images, to explore knew and unknown forms of personal expression, this time using contemporary dance. “Cracks” is my fifth short film after “Feijoada” (2003), “Vivir sin Aires” (2006), “Atardecer Rojo” (2008) and “You will fall again”(In postproduction).


Script: Alex Pachón; Photography: Felix Méndez , Núria Gámiz;  Editing: Alex Pachón;  Sound:Alberto Rodríguez; Leading actors: Alex Pachón;  Producer: Patricia S. Mora



First Runner Up- One Minute Jumping Frames Dance Video Competition 2013. Hong Kong; Best Choreography, In Shadow- Lisboa, Portugal 2013; Best National Film Fiver - Logroño, España 2014; Premio Canal + "A la mejor videocreación"- España, 2014.


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