Mr. Plastimime

Director: Daniel Greaves

Englisht title: Mr. Plastimime

Original title: Mr. Plastimime

2014/ UK/ Digital/ 9'42''/ Animation/ Colour - B&W


Mr. Plastimime is a funny and moving story about a man who faithfully practices a dying art, a man whose timing is a bit off, a man whose skills aren’t recognized, a man who is unlucky in love; But this is a man who keeps moving forward, faithfully believing he will one day finally be ‘seen’. That day has come…but he never expected it to be like this.



Daniel Greaves was born in Woburn, Buckinghamshire, England. From 1977 until 1980 he studied animation at West Surrey College of Art (Now UCA). After graduating Daniel worked as a freelance animator at many London studios before founding Tandem Films with his business partner Nigel Pay in 1986. He has directed well over 100 commercials for companies such as Marmite, Ribena, Tesco, Scweppes, British Airways, and Expedia.Daniel is the creative director at TANDEM. His short films include Manipulation (Winner of more than 20 International awards including the OSCAR and CARTOON D’OR), Flatworld (Winner of over 35 international awards including Mclaren Award for Best Animation and a BAFTA Nomination), Rabbit, Rabbit, Little Things (Winner of 15 International awards including a BAA as well as a BAFTA nomination), Rockin’ & Rollin’ as co Director with Richard Jack,(winner of 10 international awards), Speechless and Beginning, Middle and End.


Script: Daniel Greaves; Photography: Simon Paul;  Editing: Daniele Baiardini;  Producer: Emma Burch


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