Director: Nart Zeqiraj
Englisht title: Worthless
Original title:  Zibidi
2012/ Kosova/ HD/ 11’/ Fiction/ B&W

Script: Nart Zeqiraj; Photography: Armel Hostiou;   Editing: Boubkar Benzabat;   Music: Blerim Crown;    Sound:  Pellumb Ballata;  Leading actors: Nol Berisha Afrim Mucaj Gani Rrahmani;  Producer: Nujar Kabashi  


Three friends hanging around in a cafe, make plans on where to go. Empty coffee cups on the table show that there is some time they are there. Affected by the monotony they begin to tease each-other and passersby.

NART ZEQIRAJ, was born on February 19th 1994 in Pristina, Kosovo. He worked as assistant director in short film “Amnesia”, Assistant Director in “We’re Not in Paradise” Public Award at Tirana Film Festival 2011, short film “The Return”, 2012 Winner at Sundance Film Festival 2012, short film “Zibidi” the script winner at Nine Eleven Film Festival in Pristina, and a short film “Palaqkitja”. He follows his studies of Film Directing at the Academy of Arts in Pristina, Kosovo. FILMOGRAPHY •Palaqkitja(2013)–Writer and Director •Zibidi,(2012)-Writer and Director •Amnesia,(2012)-Assistant Director •We’re Not In Paradise,(2011)-Assistant Director •The Return(2011)-Assistant Director

Best Editing Award - Nine Eleven Film Festival 2012



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