Walkie talkie

Director: Ruben Perez Barrena
Englisht title:  Walkie talkie
Original title:  Walkie talkie
2011/ Belgium/ 16mm/ 12’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: Ruben Perez Barrena;   Photography: Fran Fernandez-Pardo;   Editing:   Beatriz Garcםa, Ruben Perez Barrena; Music:  Javier Perez;  Sound:  Daniel Gracia Mateos;  Leading actors:  Julian Villagran, Celine Tyll, Marta Larralde, Jorge Asan, Carlos Fau; Producer: Ruben Perez Barrena;    



A man awakens confused in an unknown desertic place; his head has been heavily beaten. He doesn't know who or where he actually is. A young lady’s dead body and a broken Land Rover are his only companions. Where can we escape and from whom?

He studied photography and has specialized in film and tv editing and mounting. Recently has developed his activity in education, as responsible of audiovisual wokshop at Daroca\'s penitentiary, IberCaja-Zentrum Bank\'s audiovisual workshop, and the videoclip workshop at Fiva 2008-2009 Alcaסiz\'s Fiva Cinema Festival. He is part of the production team in the Comedy Cinema National Festival of Tarazona and Moncayo. In 2010 he co-directs a documentary; “The Gypsy Poet”.

- Festival Fuentes del Ebro ( SPAIN ) BEST DIRECTOR, BEST EDITION, BEST FIRST SHORT FILM, - Cortada 2012 ( SPAIN ) BEST ACTOR - FESTIVAL DE CINE DE ZARAGOZA ( SPAIN) BEST “CORTO ARAGONES” - IX Festival de Cortos de Boadilla “BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY” - Cineculpable ( SPAIN) - Orotava Film Festival ( Spain) - Zinebi ( SPAIN ) - XIV Muestra de Cortometrajes de Pasaia, Ikuska 2012 ( Spain) - XXXI Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei ( Spain) - ENKARZINE ( Spain) - Villa de la Orotava ( Spain) - Cineculpable ( Spain) - XII Concurso de Cortometrajes CreatRivas de Rivas Vaciamadrid ( Spain) - China International New Media Shorts Festival - Asamblea de Cineastas de Aragףn ( Spain) - Festival Ibיrico de cinema ( Badajoz) ( Spain) - 1ST HISPANIC AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SFF, WASHINGTON (USA) - CONCURSO CORTOMETRAJES PIֹLAGOS EN CORTO 2013 - Festival Internacional de Huesca - Festival de cine de Alicante



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