My shoes

Director: Anis Lassoued
Englisht title:  My shoes
Original title:  Sabbat el aid
2012/ Tunisia& France/ 35mm/ 30’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Ahmed Bouamoud, Anis Lassoued;  Photography: Sofian El Fani;   Editing:  Kahena Attia;  Music: Rabii Zamouri;   Leading actors:   Arbi Khemiri, Chema Ben Chaabene, Farhat Jedid, Nader Tlili; Producer:  Najib Ayed


Nine-year-old Nader loves to run, as if he wants to defy gravity. While shopping for Eid clothes with his parents, he sets his heart on a pair of expensive shoes – beyond what his father can afford.

Anis Lassoued graduated from the Institut Maghrébin de Cinéma in Tunis in 1998 and continued his studies in Paris and Rome. He made several TV documentaries working in Belgium and his first feature film SABA FLOUSS received several awards. His recent documentary AL MOUARIDH is about the 2011 revolution in Tunisia.



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