The Child

Director: Manu Gomez
Englisht title: The Child
Original title:  Das kind
2013/ Spain/ HD/ 18’/ Fiction/ B&W

Script: Manu Gomez; Photography:   Angel Amoros; Editing:  Berta Froas;  Music: Pablo Marten Caminero ;   Sound:  Juan Ferro, Patrick Ghislain;  Leading actors:  Ben Temple, Frank Feys, Montse Gabriel, Isabel Blanco, Koos Vos;  Producer: Ellen Fichtner, Salvador Gomez Cuenca

Austria. It’s the end of the XIXth Century. A father waits in fearful agony for the dramatic birth of his child. He is ignorant of the dark future that the birth would bring to humanity. His name is Alois. History always has a beginning.

He has worked as 1st Assistant Director in 19 feature films and tv movies some of which are: Lisboa; El gran Marciano; Al alcance de su mano; En la ciudad sin límites; Los Borgia; El Capitán Trueno y el Santo Grial; Sofia, la película, all directed by Antonio Hernández.  Also Yoyes directed by Helena  Taberna; Todas hieren by Pablo Llorca; A ciegas  by Daniel Calparsoro and The world is not enough by Michael Apted. He has also been a 1st Assistant Director and/or Director in various tv series.


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