Director: Konstantinos Karamagkiolis
Englisht title: Sphinx
Original title:  Sphinx
2012/ Greece/ HD/ 19’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: Konstantinos Karamagkiolis;   Photography:   Aggelos Mantzios; Editing: Konstantinos Adraktas;   Animation: Vaggelis NtezesMusic: Thomas Lis;    Sound: Giannis Antipas; Producer:  Konstantinos Karamagkiolis


Greece 2012 Athens Ghetto, The right wing extremist party\'s popularity has now risen dramatically and the party violently threatens and prompts the natives in the slums of the capital to banish the foreigners. In a ghetto neighborhood of Athens the SPHINX team undertakes the duties of an unsolicited militia, whose goal is to cleanse the area from every non-Greek element, with main hero a 17-year-old student, member and son of the leader of the fascist organization.

Konstantinos Karamagiolis was born July 31,1990 in Athens. He is a graduate student of the Department of Film Studies of Queen Margaret University(Scotland). Language Skills: English Filmography: Yliki:the lake that was hurt(2010) Web Documentary 5\' Sphinx(2012) 19\' 35o National Film Festival in Drama 18ο Athens International Film Festival-Opening Nights J.A.C.E directed by Menelaos Karamagiolis 142\' Assistant director:Konstantinos Karamaghiolis 52o Thessaloniki Film Festival 2011 24ο Tokio International Film Festival 2011

18 Greek National Film Festival Of Drama 2012 350 International Film Festival Of Athens Open Nights



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