Of dogs and wallpaper

Director: Visar Morina
Englisht title:  Of dogs and wallpaper
Original title:  Von hunden und tapeten
2013/ Germany/ HD/ 29’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: Visar Morina;  Photography:   Matteo Cocco; Editing: Stefan Stabenow; Music: Sea+Air;  Sound:  Matz Müller; Leading actors:   Michael Gempart, Susanne Barth, Thomas Loibl;  Producer:  Augenschein Filmproduktion


Paul (40 yrs old) visits his elderly parents after a long time away. While father has joined a so called free-church, mother is now in a wheelchair and never leaves the house. Paul has not been aware of any of this. He has only come to visit because he is broke and needs money. Father is about to take a trip with his church and has promised to pay Paul for taking care of his mother while he is away.


CV 1979 born in Pristina, Kosovo 2000 - 2004 diverse Jobs in Theater / Film/ TV 2004 - 2010 study Audiovisual Media, Film/Television, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne Filmography BABAI / Father (In Pre-Production) 2014, Feature, 90 min., NiKo Film / WDR/ ARTE DER SCHÜBLING / Death by Suffocation 2010, Short film. 30 min., elsanifilm / KHM / ARTE 2008, Short film. 23 min., KHM SIRENEN / Sirens 2007, Short film. 43 min., KHM SICHERHEIT FÜR ALLE / A Safe Place for Everyone 2006, Short film. 43Min., KHM



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