Director: Nikoleta Leousi
Englisht title: Generator
Original title: Γεννήτρια
2013/ Greece/ HD/ 19’/ Fiction/ Colour


Script: Giorgos Teltzidis;   Photography: Nikos Karanikolas;   Editing: Artemis Anastasiadou; Sound: Vaggelis Zelkas;   Leading actors:  Manolis Mavromatakis, Ioanna Tsiriggouli, Kostas Xikominos, Romanna Lobach;  Producer:  Phaedra Vokali


Savas, a fifty year old father, living in Athens sees his life collapsing in front of him. How did he get there? What can be done now? Outside the walls of his little shop the world is changing. He 's worried about his daughter's future. "As long as were standing, everything will be ok".

I was born and raised in Athens. I got a degree in chemical engineering but soon I discovered my passion for cinema ,so I attended a film school in Athens and the UK. Now I live in Athens and work as an editor and an assistant director.



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