Director: Diego Modino
Englisht title: Ephemeral
Original title: Efimera
2013/ Spain/ HD/ 18’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: Diego Modino;   Photography: Angel Iguacel;   Editing: Carlos Egea;    Music:  Jose Villalobos;  Sound:  Maite Rivera; Leading actors: Paula Penalver, Asuncion Balaguer, Jorge Bosch, Salvador Palomino, Carles Moreu, Zaza Mikeladze, Jorge Penalver;   Producer: Diego Modino


Alicia dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. In the cozy windmill where she lives with her grandmother, she impatienly waits for the moment to go for the long-awaited audition. But out there the world is not as idyllic as she thinks...

Diego Modino was born in Madrid in 1972, from spanish father and french mother. After studying in the Lycיe Franחais of Madrid he travelled to New York to pursue his studies in film and television at Tisch School of the Arts of New York University. In New York he directed several short films in 16mm and worked as production designer in the first Emmanuelle Crialese feature film “Once we were strangers”. Back to Madrid he pursued a carreer as an art director/production designer and screenwriter for movies, TV and commercials as well. It’s only now, after gathering experience in many fields of production that he decided to come back to the path of direction, with his new short film “Efםmera”.



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