Blue division

Director: Sergi Martí Maltas
Englisht title:  Blue division
Original title:  División azul
2012/ Spain/ Red/ 13’/ Fiction/ Colour

Photography: Anna Molins Garcia;   Editing:  Carlos Font Clos; Music: Iego Pedragosa;    Sound: Anna Solanas;   Leading actors:  Marc Martínez, Álvaro Cervantes;  Producer: Sergi Marti Maltas


Three men are locked in a cell. A priest arrives and offers to hear their confession. But they will quickly discover the true motive for his visit...

Lenningrad, summer 1943. German attempts to conquer the strategic location of Leningrad have failed miserably. Hitler, desperate, plays his last available card: Mission Spark. But to carry out the mission he will need his best men… He will need the Spanish soldiers of the… BLUE DIVISION.



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