Director: Lendita Zeqiraj
Englisht title:  Balcony
Original title:  Ballkoni
2013/ Kosova/ HD/ 20’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Lendita Zeqiraj;  Photography: Armel Hostiou;    Sound: Jean-Barthelemy Velay;   Leading actors: Arben Bajraktaraj, Sevdai Radogoshi, Osman Azemi;   Producer:  Bujar Kabashi


Jeton, a 10-year-old boy is sitting on the edge of a balcony on the 4th floor. Neighbors and passers-by, terrified by this situation, call the police and firefighters for help. But the situation quickly becomes unmanageable.

LENDITA ZEQIRAJ, born on February 13th 1972 in Prishtina. Studied Arts in Prishtina and Aesthetics of Film in Paris. She wrote and directed documentaries, experimental and short films, which participated at many International Film Festivals (Oberhausen, Bradford, New York, Barcelona, Cairo, Lausanne, Milan), winning several awards and distinctions. FILMOGRAPHY BALCONY (Ballkoni), short, Kosovo 2013, color, 20’ AMNESIA, (Amnezia), experimental, b/w & color, Kosovo 2012, 4’ WE’RE NOT IN PARADISE, documentary, color, France 2011, 29’ EXIT, short, Kosovo 2002, b/w, 29’



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