Director: Tom Bober
Englisht title:  Analogue
Original title:  Analogue
2013/ UK/ HD/ 5’/ Fiction/ Colour


Script:  Pete Strauss;  Photography: Oli Cohen;   Editing: Tom Bober; Animation: Azem Kola  Music:   Julien Pirrie; Sound: Julien Pirrie;  Leading actors:  Conner McKenzy;  Producer: Bryce Groves


The life is not only seeing him , maybe he is here but we don't see him


Karl is a call centre employee mindlessly going about his work in auto-pilot mode until a familiar voice forces him to confront a reality he had chosen to ignore. Set against the backdrop of a dark dystopian future, Analogue is a suspenseful Sci-Fi short that explores themes of racial tension by echoing the horrors of the past.



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