Here be Dragons
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Director: Mark Cousins
Englisht title:  Here be Dragons
Original title:  Here be Dragons
2013/ UK/ HD/ 79’/ Documentary/ Colour

Script: Mark Cousins; Photography:   Mark Cousins; Editing:   Mark Cousins; Leading actors:   Mark Cousins;  Producer:  Don Boyd Genc Permeti

Here be Dragons is an innovative and poetic feature length documentary film about a foreign filmmaker, Mark Cousins, encountering, and becoming passionate about, Albania.
The film starts with Cousins in Scotland, his adoptive home.  He says that before he went to Scotland, he had tourist images in his head, but then he lived there and these were replaced.  He says that we learn by looking.  And so he goes to Albania and looks and learns.  As a filmmaker, he will learn in particular through looking at Albanian films and paintings.

Mark Cousins is a filmmaker, author, curator and wanderer. He has directed documentaries on subjects ranging from Neo-Nazism to Iranian cinema and Ian Hamilton Finlay. His four film books have been published around the world. He has co-directed four innovative film events, and the 8 ½ Foundation  with Tilda Swinton. He’s Honorary Dr of Letters at theUniversity of Edinburgh. He was a BBC TV presenter for 5 years, was Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, which he took to Sarajevo during the siege, and co-directed Cinema China. He co-founded the charity Scottish Kids are Making Movies, is co-director of  4 Way Pictures with Antonia Bird, Robert Carlyle and Irvine Welsh.


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