A Kalasnikov thought
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Director: Giorgio Bosisio
Englisht title: A Kalasnikov thought
Original title:  Un Pensiero Kalasnikov 
2013/ Italy/ 21’28’’

Pietro is a 14 year old kid that like many others is living that intense and magical period of life that goes from childhood to adolescence. Its Christmas time in Milan and the house where he lives with his mother and the memory of his dead father is silent and uninteresting. A glance in the mirror and the finding of an old coat that his father used to wear marks just the beginning of his realization that something new and “turbulent” is coming into his life. The desire to grow up, the curiosity and enchantment for what he is just starting to experience inside himself pushes him towards a simple but incredible adventure. Pietro is invisible to most of the people around him and that is what makes him the perfect observer of the outside world. He invites us to follow him through places and experiences and see people that we probably have met before in our life, but that we quickly forgot about: a world of simple beautiful things.


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