Director: Irena Ristic
Englisht title:  Unpaired
Original title: Nepar
2012/ Serbia/ HD/ 18’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script: Irena Ristic, Milos Paunovic;  Photography: Ivan Todorovski; Editing: Ana Todorovski; Animation: Ana Todorovski; Music: Ah. Ahilej;  Sound:  Djordje Brankovic;  Leading actors:  Bojana Misic, Milan Marković Matthis, Slavica Mirkovic, Virdzinija Djekovic, Djordje Brankovic, Boris Caksiran, Vesna Milosavljevic, Andrija Stojanovic, Stefan Malesevic, Veljko Bogdanovic... (100 actors in total);  Producer:  Irena Ristic 


A view follows a life of tenants in a house: ephemeral fragments of intimacy - caught, and then magnified in its emergence and disappearance. There are many, and each of them can be seen only once, briefly, appears and disappears, avoiding a view, as well as the expectations...

Irena Ristic is the author of more than 30 works of art, mostly of performative and intermedial type, a few significant participatory projects, as well as empirical researches in the field of psychology of art - the most important are presented in the study "The beginning and the end of the creative process" (Hop.La! 2010). Her works have been performed at numerous festivals and conferences. For the film "Appetite" she was awarded Golden medal of 57th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival in the category of experimental film, after which the film has been successfully shown at twelve international film festivals. "Unpaired" is her second film experiment.

Patosoffiranje 2013, Smederevo, Srbija Artist as Audience 2012, Belgrade, Srbija Crosstalk 2013, Budapest, Hungary



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