System error

Director: Guli Silberstein
Englisht title:  System error
Original title:  System error
2013/ UK/ HD/ 4’/ Experimental/ Colour

Script:  Yehuda Amichai;  Photography:   Guli Silberstein;  Editing: Guli Silberstein;    Sound: Guli Silberstein;  Producer: Guli Silberstein;


Damaged, pixelated desert images from the disputed Israeli-Palestinian region and electronic soundscape are integrated with a poem by Yehuda Amichai, read by the actress Gila Almagor in a recording from a 1993 TV special marking the Oslo Accord, the first peace agreement signed between Palestinians and Israelis. 20 years after the signing, the video transmits an urgent message utilising audio-visual and textual poetic means, to stop the continuing violence by all sides in the Middle East, highlighting both the absurdity and pain of repeating human patterns of error, turmoil and destruction, and the difficulty of communication in an apathetic, chaotic world.

An Israeli-born (1969), London-based, video art maker, video editor and a lecturer, living and working in London. He received a BA in Film & TV from Tel-Aviv University in 1997, and a MA in Media Studies, with a focus on video art production and theory, from The New School for Social Research, NYC, USA in 2000. His work, extensively shown worldwide, often deals with political issues, violent conflicts and cognitive processes, involving media critique, found footage appropriation and digital processing.



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