The landing

Director: Simone Salvemini
Englisht title:  The landing
Original title:  L’approdo delle anime migranti
2013/ Italy/ MiniDv/ 28’/ Documentary/ Colour

Script:   Simone Salvemini; Photography: Simone Salvemini;  Editing: Maria Rosaria Furio, Simone Salvemini;   Music:  Valerio Daniele, Paola Petrosillo e Marinaria; Sound: Sebastien Gonzalez;   Leading actors:  Costas Varotsos, Alessandro Leogrande, Victoria Leonidou, Arben Beqiraj, Arta Ngucaj, Rami Farah, Sandra Lorenzi, Mohamed Ziada, Dusica Ivetic, Raffaela Zizzari. Producer:  La Kinebottega


Otranto. The Albanian guard ship "Kater i Rades", protagonist of the "Massacre of Good Friday" in which 81 people died on March 28 1997 restarts its journey to become a monumental work dedicated to the memory of all migrants died in the sea. A greek sculptor of international renown accepts the challenge against time to create a great monument. The effort of a community so that history, memory and brotherhood does not leave space for social failure.


Degree in Communication.Director Assistant of "Sangue Vivo" by E.Winspeare. Since '99 he's author and director of his shorts,selected and awarded in many festivals:“The Traffic Light Brothers”(2002),“Tonino Funtע”(2005);"Looks of Frontier"(2005);“The Liturgy of Fruit and Vegetable Stall”(2005);“The Interview” (2009). His first feature film “THE DAY TO COME” (2013) was winner for the screenplay at EUROCONNECTION 2011 Clermont–Ferrand (France) and awarded at 16° CINEMABIENTE TORINO.In 2004 he founded La Kinebottega,a film production company.He is creator and artistic director of BRIFF - Brindisi International Film Festival- and member of CNC ITALIA (National Centre of Short Film).



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