Prabhat Nagari: Film 1

Director: Aman Wadhan
Englisht title:  Prabhat Nagari: Film 1
Original title: Prabhat Nagari: Film 1
2012/ India/ 10’50’’/ Documentary/ Colour- B&W

Script: Aman Wadhan (Film and Television Institute of India);   Photography:  Srijit Basu;  Editing: Ranjan Rampal;   Sound: Sumeet Kuhate;   Producer: Dharmendra Jai Narain (Film and Television Institute of India)


On the lush premises of the Film and Television Institute of India, under the long shadow of the erstwhile Prabhat Studio, an important chapter in the history of Indian cinema quietly passes on from one generation of studio workers to the next. Stories galore, a few of them already legendary — some are slipping away into oblivion, countless others beg recall. This student film humbly started with a wish to bring together some of the oldest witnesses from the Prabhat era, but in the course of its making, after sifting through historical documents and personal chronicles, what has emerged is just this: What is it that truly lives on?

Final year direct student with Film & Television Institute of India and also worked as an assistant director. Currently pursuing Three Year Post Graduate Direction course in Film& Television Institute of India, Pune. He works as an assistant director for the feature film “ Kushti”, Assistant Director of the feature film “ Aanhey Ghoray Da Daan”, Director of the movie “ Ode to Noise”, Invocation, Prabhat Nagari: Film 1.



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